Open yourself to the possibility of the Channeling Nexus every second Thursday with Mich

Mich (pronounced Mish) Hancock is known around St. Louis for her work with TEDx, the branded speaker series that dominates YouTube. She also owns a successful digital marketing company.

But on the second Thursday of each month, she invites you to set all that aside and open yourself to receive messages from the universe at The Channeling Nexus. Mich hosts this event at the Conscious Shala, at C 2201 Missouri Ave, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

If you already have thoughts on spiritual channeling, let’s set those aside. She said, “If you think of Whoppie Goldberg in the movie Ghost, you might be disappointed.” It’s unlikely that she will speak to your dead relatives or tell your fortune.

For Mich, her channeling practice starts with mindfulness. Through meditation, Mich reaches a place where her Ego feels secure in its continued existence, at least for a few moments. That allows her thoughts to settle down. And that internal silence creates a space to receive wisdom from a source outside her conscious awareness.

“It’s only recently that I started channeling for other people,” she told me over coffee at the Good Omen Coffee Shop on Washington Ave. “For me,” she adds, “it can be a practice of accepting and releasing karma from others. Often, it’s a practice of letting go.”

“I almost thought of calling the group Divine Will because when people hear ‘channeling,’ their minds go to tabloid articles of UFOs and Bigfoot sightings, and that is not this,” Mich says with the certainty of a skilled brand manager.

The group’s first meeting took place on Thursday, January 11, and the group is off to a strong start, no small thanks to the hot tea and honey that Mich brought for us. The group’s next meeting is Thursday, February 8, and the members are using the time to ask the names of our spirit guides. I can’t speak for the rest of the group, but I’ve already received an answer. When I put that question out to the universe, I received the answer in block letters: Mokebe.

And just like Mich’s channeling practice, it’s likely that The Channeling Nexus will evolve. It’s unlikely that the group’s first meeting in January 2024 will look exactly the same as its last meeting in December.

If there is any single takeaway from my interview with Mich, it’s that you should make yourself open. Give your mind space to receive wisdom from something outside of yourself. Open yourself to the idea that you can plug into a switchboard of cosmic knowledge that flows outside the purview of our six senses. And just because we can’t apprehend it doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Think of Bluetooth and Wifi. Now, consider that something else is sending out signals just like those. Only it’s not your phone or computer that receives them. It’s you. And every second Thursday, Mich wants to help improve your reception to what the universe has to say.

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