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Conscious Healing, Growth & Connection

A spiritual – but not religious – community

Conscious Shala is a first-of-its-kind, members-only spiritual community and healing center dedicated to serving and cross-pollinating the spiritual communities in the St. Louis metro area. A space where members of all traditions can come together to heal, grow, connect, and expand their conscious awareness.

Never in the past 100 years have we lived in a society so lonely, disconnected, or divided as we do today. The antidote?

Community and Connection!

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Aikido: The art of peace

Aikido: The art of peace

Addressing conflict with balance at the Shala with Aikido instructor John Launius John Launius has dedicated thirty-one years to teaching Aikido, yet he offers an unconventional piece of advice on the best martial art for self-defense: Track and Field. According to...

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Integration by STEPHEN FRANZ

Integration by STEPHEN FRANZ

I like to consult the authorities of language to check if I’m hitting the mark. Seemingly mislabeled a noun (but fitting for this article); “an act…of combining into an integral whole”. A thing added to a thing that has importance; in this case a person adding...

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Our Mission

Conscious Shala is a private community of spiritually-minded seekers oriented toward healing, growth, connection, and the expansion of conscious awareness.

Our Values

Spirituality, Safety, Wisdom,
Honesty, Humility, Compassion,
Respect, Generosity, Access

How It Works

Conscious Shala members may attend and host an unlimited number of classes, groups, workshops, and ceremonies. #bringyourmagic

Spirituality as a Solution

A movement towards authentic community

For over 20 years I worked in corporate America helping entrepreneurs build, market, and sell their products and services. I thought becomming the CMO of a global tech company would make me happy and prove to my mom I had “made it”.

Then in 2007, I gave up alcohol and my life started changing. In 2012 I found therapy and yoga. In 2013 I completed yoga teacher training with an amazing bhakti yogi and realized for the first time that the happiness I sought actually comes from inside rather than the outside – a fundamental concept of Vedantic philosophy.

My journey over the past 15 years has led me into the deepest work of my life. I’ve drunk ayahuasca and wachuma with shamans in Peru, sat for 10 days of silent meditation with Buddhists, and have been an avid student of spiritual philosophy from many teachers including Ram Dass and Swami Tattvavidananda.

Today, I spend the majority of my time coaching entrepreneurs on how to be successful and happy – here and now. It was through this work that the idea of Conscious Shala was born standing on a yoga shala in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

As our world becomes more divided every day, our deepest desire as humans has never changed – to belong. But this connection we so desperately crave does not (nor will it ever) exist in the digital world. 

Conscious Shala is a movement in direct opposition to the metaverse. A movment where humans show up to be seen – not in anonymitiy but in community. To look another human in the eye, to share energy or a meal, to heal, grow, and expand their conscious awareness.

If you seek a healthy community devoid of religion, dogma, or doctrine please join us; as a participant, a leader, a teacher, or a practitioner. #bringyourmagic 

I can’t wait to meet you!

Aum Shanti,


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