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Joining a community should be a little like dating. You should probably go to coffee and have a few dates before asking someone to get married.

If you’re considering becoming a member but want to dip your toe in the water, the first 30 days are on us. Then, if you like what you feel, come back to this page and become a member.

Ready To Join?

Membership Tiers to Meet Your Needs

What’s Included:

  • Attend unlimited free events, groups, workshops, or ceremonies.
  • Host free events, groups, workshops, or ceremonies at no charge.
  • Host paid classes, groups, workshops, or ceremonies at a discounted rate.

Bring Your Magic

Share your passions, gifts, tradition or ceremony?

The driving force and primary intention of the Conscious Shala is to provide a safe and accessible space for community members to heal, grow, connect and expand their conscious awareness. Our vision is to cross-pollinate the spiritual communities in and around the St. Louis region to form and grow healthy bonds and friendships.

To do this we’re inviting YOU to #bringyourmagic!

If you have a special gift, skill, tradition, or ceremony that is grounded in spirituality and has improved your life, the Shala could be a wonderful place to share that.

If you’re just starting to build your practice and would like to connect with an open-minded network of seekers, consider offering a free workshop. Anyone who chooses to continue working with you is a new client.

Types of Activities

Here are a few broad categories of Shala activities


Reoccuring activities based on like-minded topics such as men’s and women’s groups, integration circles, spiritual books clubs, etc. A group must have a facilitator but the intention is for the group to be self-educating. 


Reoccurring activities such as yoga, qigong, or meditation, etc. A classes is made-up of one or more teachers instructing a group of students. Teachers must have appropriate experience or training in their material.  


Typically non-reoccurring activities that could include anything from family dinners, dance parties, house concerts, holiday gatherings, art shows, poetry readings, and more. Events have hosts responsible for the space and their guests. 


Non-Reoccuring activities based on a specific topic that could include anything from yoga inversions to creative writing to how to read tarot cards. Workshops have one or more teachers with appropriate experience or training in their material. 


In many ways, the Shala’s root intention is to offer a safe and private space for spiritual ceremonies of all kinds. These sacred, unique, and special events must be led by qualified practitioners whose experience and expertise are of the highest intention and vibration.  

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